Public Art Through Collaboration


I am a full-time artist with time to develop and extend my interdisciplinary projects and public engagement activities for new audiences in new spaces. I see this ‘lockdown’ as a unique opportunity for innovation and a rethink. My environmental-led practice is significantly international but virtual collaborations and digital outcomes can extend its global reach. Given my multimedia bias and engineering background I find this an inspiring constraint. A current project ‘Sounds of Space’ is a collaboration with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has developed into films, performance and lectures shown in Venice, Canberra, Isle of Lewis and Cambridge. With other science collaborators I am exploring biotechnology, nanoparticles and PM2.5 (airborne particulate matter). I seek to evoke beauty, alchemy, scale and concerns using data, shared dialogues and materials as a catalyst for creating art that initiates climate change conversations.

Recent Work - 'Sounds of Space'

Working with space-weather scientist Nigel Meredith, Scarborough explored creative ways of visualising data collected in Halley in Antarctica. 'Sounds of Space Project' has evolved as a multi-disciplinary art project, premiering at the Venice Biennale, festivals, lecture theatres and even in science journal! Audiences take a journey in space and time from earth's past to beyond the galaxy using satellite, LIGO and VLF data in combination with dance, soundscapes, music and animations.

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