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I am an artist-engineer working cross-discipline, creatively and collaboratively. I create public art taking inspiration from scientific practice that embraces environmental concerns and technology and rephrase them from an emotional and conceptual perspective. I work with dancers, musicians and researchers to develop soundscapes,video installations or performances and give art-science talks relating to creativity and my cross-discipline process. The recent project, ‘Sounds of Space’ with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has received much interest in the art and science fields.

Recent Work- 'Sounds of Space'

Working with space-weather scientist Nigel Meredith since 2014, Scarborough explored ways of visualising space weather data collected in Antarctica. This has evolved into a multisdisclipinary performance taking an audience from earth to beyond the galaxy using contemporary dance, live music, sounds and animation with scientific presentation. She collaborates with researchers and scientists in other disciplines: biotechnology, nanoscience and textile archeology. Her combined background in art and electronic systems engineering is an unique mix.

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