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I am an artist-engineer working cross-discipline, creatively and collaboratively. My multimedia artworks take inspiration from scientific practice that embraces environmental concerns and technology. I work with dancers, musicians and researchers to develop soundscapes, video installations and performances that offer emotional and conceptual perspectives within an art-science framework. ‘Sounds of Space’ with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has received much interest at festivals including short films exhibited at the Venice Biennale and an art-science lecture at the Blue Dot Festival. As an artist-in-residence with the School of Music at the Australian National University, we created nw work and anticipate a future release of an album and a video-sound installation. Nanoscience inspired projects are under development so it's an exciting year already!

Recent Work- 'Sounds of Space' & Nanoscience

Working with space-weather scientist Nigel Meredith since 2016, Scarborough explored new ways of visualising data collected in Halley in Antarctica. This has evolved into a multidisclipinary performance using data as audio. Audiences travel from the past (ice core- 200,000 years) and earth to beyond the galaxy using dance, live music, sounds and animations. She is also creating new work inspired by nanoscale technologies and textile archaeology. Her combined background in art and electronic systems engineering is a unique mix.

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