Other Installations


‘Domino Effect’ (2011)

Interactive Print Sculpture. 132 tiles pieces are printed with extracts from texts which contain the word ‘Crisis’ . Pepole sea sled to send in any found text they discovered while reading and she transformed them into a printed wooden tile. When shown in a gllery, viewers are invited to touch and play, a tactile intervention which brings the work closer to the viewer. Many texts relate to the Arab uprising, an appropriate gesture when the tiles are stacked or put on edge and then toppled.

domino effect 3

Domino Effect- An interactive print sculpture (2011)

Print sculpture

Domino Effect (2011). Visitors are innovated to touch, turn and play


Early Installations


shadow hand

Hand Shadows – A kinetic shadow print

Preserved installation

Preserved (2008)- Stencil, film and wire














These were created while studying at the Royal Academy of Art, (KABK) Den Haag (2002-2006)

Created for the Final Show  at the Royal Academy of Art, Netherlands in 2006

Nomadic Journey (2006) Created for the BA Degree Show

self portrait

Self(2001) Exhibited for the Exhibition-Portait of a (Non) Western Artist, Den Haag

Installation, Den Haag, Netherlands

Standing Women (2002)