(S)WATCH & 10,000 STEPS

(S)WATCH : a one day creative art intervention at the Espacio Gallery in London on Sunday 18th January 2015 by Diana Scarborough in collaboration with Lorelie Lodestar (http://www.lorelei-lodestar.co.uk) as part of the Anti-Gallery Gallery show. Visitors view the artists engaged in a collaborative process of creation from outside the gallery, framed by the building itself.

In the spirit of anti-gallery and the genus loci of the space (i.e. the Rag Trade) our one day intervention/installation on Sunday 18th January took place in the window of the gallery as viewers watch the installation come into existence from the street. The two artists sort and layer locally sourced clothes and fabrics, creating a textural and layered framed work that recalls the rich history of this area; a weaving and clothing industry hub since the time of the Huguenots.

Speakers are placed facing towards to the street, presenting a live mash-up of gallery noise and a pre-recorded soundtrack; a soundscape mixing archive recordings from the Rag Trade with personal memories of performer Lorelie Lodestar, who lived in Commercial Street and worked in the fashion industry in Bethnal Green and Brick Lane during the 80’s.

Here is the 2 minute overview of our one day intervention

For more details on what  other artists were creating for three weeks of the show (between the 8th to 29th January)  click here:-  http://degrees-of-freedom.weebly.com/the-anti-gallery-gallery-show.html

Diana Scarborough and Lorelie Lodestar are collaborating in (S)Watch as Agents of the Imagination. click here for a link


The recycled clothes  were donated by the local factory (LMB Supplies) . Pictures taken when Lorelie Lodestar picked them up for the show are shown below.


(S)WATCH poster

(S)WATCH poster

The Anti-Gallery Gallery Show

The Anti-Gallery Gallery Show 2015 -8th-29th Jan 2015 Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road

bagged up lmb

bagged up clothes

bags sorted lmb

pre-sorted clothes ready for bagging
















10,000 steps

Lorelie  Lodestar  and Diana Scarbrough have worked together before  in a piece called 10,000 steps.Performance Artist /Urban Farmer Lorelei Lodestar takes us on agonised and ecstatic journey from allotment to gallery, laden with soil, plants, tools, and other horticultural ephemera, alluding to the kind of daily labour undertaken by millions who are struggling to collect water and grow crops in order to live.

The 3 mile (4.8km) journey was shared, filmed and edited by Diana Scarborough as a record.


Lorelie Lodestar is currently a Gardener-in Residence and Artist-In-Residence with Habitorials.