Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist



I seek to highlight our relationship with earth, the universe and the nanoscale world giving form to the invisible and imperceptible sense of time, scale and complexity of science from an art perspective. Inspired by my collaborations with world-leading scientists, I create art that interpolates data as abstraction, layers beauty with darkness and delivers spectacle through installation and performance. 
My artistic provocations are inspired by pattern and mythology pushing an emotional narrative by extracting specific meanings from scientific theories of the past to the present using  new media technology, dance, soundscapes and animation as visualisation methodologies. Work evolves and resolves through a process of research, questioning, data analysis, experimentation, intuition and collaboration. 
Using a palette of sound, projection, film and interactive software, I aim to create art that stimulates imagination and new thinking, offering an ‘immersive’ journey designed as a personal, philosophical and climatically relevant art experience.



Diana Scarborough has been filmed by UKRI for their exciting campaign and she is honoured to be recognised for her creative cross-discipline collaborations.

UKRI says ‘Diana Scarborough is a multimedia artist who collaborates with researchers in different fields to create fascinating works of art. Whether it’s a dance performance, an installation or an album, Diana applies her creative eye to inspire people to ask questions and engage with science in new ways. Her current collaborations include working with a space weather scientist at the British Antarctic Survey, and exploring how nano-particles respond to music at the University of Cambridge’s department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

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An exciting emerging collaboration is with Sheffield-based poet and journalist Carolyn Waudby. Together we look to take poetry ‘off the page’ exploring ways to transform meaning as embodied experience. We premiered our initial film-poem ‘Prologue-Epilogue‘ at a public lecture in the SIA Gallery in December 2021.

The ‘Sounds of Space Project’, is a collaboration with Dr Nigel Meredith, a space weather research scientist at British Antarctic Survey, and Dr Kim Cunio, composer and Head of Music at the Australian National University. As a multidisciplinary creative team we make new meanings, interactions and visualisations of space ‘sounds’ through our art-science events, art films, publications and albums. We want these to be a catalyst for new explorations and dialogue, and a nudge for living a less impactful planetary co-existence. Our albums ‘Aurora Musicalis’ and ‘Celestial Incantations’ have received global attention.

As artist-in-residence at Fruk-Lab, Cambridge, I develop artworks inspired by nanoparticles and biology. Being fascinated by their scale, behaviour and alchemy, I seek ways to visualise and amplify their invisibility, offering up unexpected outcomes.


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