Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist

Diana Scarborough is a UK based international artist creating public facing work at the intersection of art, science and ecology. She is artist-in-residence with Fruk Lab (bio-nano) at Cambridge University and co-founder of the multidisciplinary 'Sounds of Space Project'.


As a multimedia artist with a background in engineering, my practice highlights our relationships with earth, the cosmos and the nanoscale. Data as audio, scale, time, climate change and technology are core themes. I work with experiential palettes of video, sound, installation and performance to establish fresh connections across art-science disciplines. Collaborative exploratory methodologies and art outcomes become the catalyst ‘to elicit and initiate new thinking processes’ for public audiences and project participants. I am c0-founder of the multi-disciplinary group ‘Sounds of Space Project’ (British Antarctic Survey) and Artist-In-Residence at the Dept of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Cambridge University. 


Wollemi Pine Project - As prehistoric, present and future time
Everything is Everything Project - This is patch #tree

In 2023 I worked on two ‘Nature of Observation’ projects. My ‘Everything is Everything’ project is a photography-led  journey documenting subtle changes in a small patches of ground near Cambridge. (#stile, #fen,#tree). The Wollemi Pine with a Jurassic provenance was my chosen tree for the 7000 trees project (Shelly Sacks, Beuys 7000 oaks). It was the catalyst for regular visits to a local tree in Cambridge Botanic Gardens. Documented as notes, images and drawings in sketchbook format, it has yet to be uploaded to the website.

As Artist-In-Residence with Fruk Lab,participated in their summer research science retreat (Sep 2023).

I appear in two NATURE podcasts about  artist-scientist collaborations and my film where luminous jelly meets chat GPT!

For the Cambridge Festival in March 2024, I created the video component for the multimedia performances ‘Soothe’ by Infusion Physical Theatre, that links brain biochemistry with dance. 

Photo Credit: Duncan Grisby
Photo Credit: Duncan Grisby

As Sounds of Space Project, my art-science-music collaboration with space weather scientist N. Meredith (British Antarctic Survey) and Australian composer K. Cunio, we bring new meanings to space ‘sounds’ through events, films, publications, performances, albums and clothing. Space weather ‘data as audio’ from earth to beyond the galaxy is our inspiration. We just released our 4th album ‘In Aurora’s Garden‘.

We feature in the art-science publication ‘Antarktikos #2 Light and Shadow‘ by artist Esther Kokmeijer. Dedicated to the fragile and beautiful Antarctica, it is a privilege to be selected.





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