Diana Scarborough


Public Art Through Collaboration


I am an artist creating multi-disciplinary works that intersect art, technology, history and the environment. Referencing time, data, ecology, and the invisible sciences, my collaborative works feature short films, animations, installations, music and performance. Processes and beauty of space weather, nanoparticle activity and structure, historical developments of technology with its social-economic implications, all feature in my work highlighting the forgotten, the unseen or global concerns transformed by art and science


SOUNDS OF SPACE YOUTUBE CHANNEL LAUNCHED. This is the ‘Mars’ track taster from our second album ‘Celestial Incantations’. For more on Youtube Click Here.    For other RECENT projects click here


The  ‘Sounds of Space Project’, is an ongoing collaboration with Dr Nigel Meredith, a space weather research scientist at British Antarctic Survey, and composer Dr Kim Cunio, Head of Music at the Australian National University. Together we make new meanings, interactions and visualisations of the space sounds through art. We intend our art-science performances, talks, music and events to be a catalyst for cross-discipline explorations and discussion and a nudge of thinking  towards a less impactful planetary coexistence. Our albums ‘Aurora Musicalis’ and ‘Celestial Incantations’ have received global attention and we continue to refresh our projects inspired by space weather. In another collaboration, this time with chemists, I am developing works inspired by nanoparticles. Being fascinated by their scale, behaviour and alchemy, I seek ways to visualise and amplify their invisibility.

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