Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist

Artist Boundaries – TwinSed

TwinSed is an international collaboration between myself, Diana Scarborough (Cambridge, UK) and Ilse van den Berk (Delft, Netherlands) which began in April 2013 and is still going.  http://www.twinsed.com

The project name is derived from Twin (meaning double) and Sed (from sedimentary layering). On the 15th of each month, Van den Berk and Scarborough send 10 postcards to each other; five postcards that need completion and five that have been finished by the other artist. There is no further work done on the completed artwork and no discussion. The project is a physical art intervention, a process and a canvas for experimentation, success or failure. A choice to align, destroy, enhance or superimpose a particular visual and conceptual aesthetic onto the work of the other artist without constraint or feedback is the intention, thus provoking questions such as authorship, who completed what and when and if there is a style emerging.

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