Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist

Diana Scarborough

Wearable Sound Art

T-SHIRTS INSPIRED BY THE SUN Wearable Art with Music  T-shirt designs created by Diana Scarborough are interactive. Activate the QR code on the t-shirt and it takes you to our free album release ‘Sunconscious’ by the Sounds of Space Project. An immersive experience – wild, playful and beautiful!  CLICK to visit the website (https://sounds-of-space-project.teemill.com) to discover more …

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Conference Artist for Data, AI & Sustainability

CONFERENCE ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE, 27 April 2022, Cambridge I was invited to be the Conference Artist-In-Resident for the Data Science and AI for Sustainability conference 2022, hosted by the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Energy and C2D3. This conference aimed to bring together academics, industrialists and policymakers to share their research, identify new opportunities and discuss areas where …

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Dec 2021, Sheffield ‘Prologue – Epilogue’ by Carolyn Waudby and Diana Scarborough is a film-poem collaboration project.Premiered on 8th Dec, 2021 at the Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, as a public event, they also shared their processes, practices and themes with an audience in an artist talk and Q&A. From the audience:  ‘It also comes across …


YouTube Launch, ‘Jezero Crater’

YouTube Launch, Oct 2021 A Youtube channel  launch by Sounds of Space Project Listen to our ‘Mars’ track taster from ‘Celestial Incantations’ in October 2021ny more Youtube videos available, the science, the music and the art! Click here for our Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7U5cFvYTmM The ‘Sounds of Space Project’ is an ongoing collaboration between  Diana Scarborough, a …

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TWINSED May 2013 to Dec 2019, Cambridge, Delft ‘Twinsed’ is an artist collaboration between Ilse van den Berk (Delft, Netherlands) and Diana Scarborough (Cambridge, UK), where one artist completes a work on paper started by another artist. In the process of creating  postcard-sized artworks, questions of ownership, boundaries and themes arise. On the 15th day of each …

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‘Domino Effect’ or ‘Crisis’ 2011, 2012 & 2018 An interactive sculpture created by Diana Scarborough through public engagement, both in the gallery and the text on the dominoes supplied by participants for a month (Jan-Feb 2011) ABOUT Interaction in the gallery (2011) Open Studios (2012) Overview (2018) Close Up (2012) Close up (2012) Previous Next …


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