Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist


Cradle of Fire Team hot, Creatives Diana Scarborough Caraoyn Waudby Kim Cunio Heather Lee
Team photo 30 May 2024 Kelham Island Museum


Such a productive gathering. Poems were read and vocalised ‘in place’, and co-creation begins. The staff and volunteers at the Kelham Island Museum and Abbeydale Industrial  Hamlet were generous with their stories and allowing us ‘close up’ access to tools and the collection.

The team, from left to right: Carolyn Waudby – writer, co-director, Diana Scarborough – lead artist , Heather Lee – soprano, Kim Cunio -musicologist and composer

Two extraordinary visit highlights were:

  1. Experiencing the most powerful working steam engine in Europe’ Big Don’ power up.
  2. Heather and Kim performing and recording live poetry ‘improv’ in Kelham Island Museum. Staff were still talking about it when we visited two weeks later! 

Cradle of Fire

We received an Arts Council England project grant for an R&D project that is an art-science and museums co-creation project inspired by steelmaking in the UK and the myth of Vulcan.

With a working title  ‘Cradle of Fire,’ we will be working with Kelham Island Museum (Sheffield) and the Land of Iron Museum (Tees Valley) with a view to potential touring; activating the cultural heritage of northern steelmaking to include geology, poetry, heritage, myth & climate change. The core creative team includes a composer,  poet, art director and a multimedia artist (myself) we look to develop and present ‘new hybrids’ as performative film, workshops and talks  to build audience relationships and present museum collections.

The film trailer offers a visual/sonic flavour of our multimedia approach to the theme, activating the cultural heritage of northern steelmaking through geology, poetry, heritage, myth & climate change. We intend to attract new audiences to those traditionally associated with museums and heritage collections. To do this, we are using contemporary formats and delivery.

A collaboration by multimedia artist Diana Scarborough, Carolyn Waudby (poet/writer), Kim Cunio (composer) and Mike Stubbs, (artist, producer/curator) PR by Emma Boden.

TRAILER CREDITS:Diana Scarborough (director, editor), Carolyn Waudby (text), Jake Harries  (Sheffield band Chakk ‘Out of this Flesh mix 1,1984), Jason Noble & Kim Cunio – (band Thrum, track  ‘Thrum 1’), Kim Cunio – (track ‘Bowls’), Mark Pickthall (fire Photography), Prelinger Archives (archive footage)

Film Stills

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