Diana Scarborough

Too Much Information

This Print Series “Too Much Information”  is an exploration of pattern, text and code inspired by a 1970’s  5 bit code used primarily in teleprinters and telex machines. Given the artist’s interest in technology, she used a contemporary print method to recall the beauty of an early digital technology and were created while she was an AA2A artist-in-residence at the Cambridge School of Art (2013 to 2014). The first print was shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition.

too much information
Too Much Information- Photo Etching on paper (2014) . This can be decoded with a cipher!

taped information
Tape Transcript 1972-Photo Etching on Paper (2014)- this can be decoded with a cipher.

Red Tape
Red Tape- Photo Etching on Paper (2014)

The Murray Code Cipher

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