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‘ Sounds of Space’ by Dr Nigel Meredith & Diana Scarborough at Dot Talks at the Star Pavilion Stage
Space is a vacuum, and utterly silent. However, near-Earth space is full of a rich variety of naturally occurring radio waves. Many of these have frequencies in the range 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which puts them in the audio frequency range. These radio waves cannot be heard directly, but conversion to sound reveals a series of weird and wonderful noises, known as the ‘sounds of space’. Join us to explore the amazing variety of natural “sounds” detected at British Antarctic Survey’s Halley Research Station. Then embark on a sound-led, data-driven journey from Earth-orbit to beyond the galaxy!


Nine short films, based on the animations, music and space data (as audio) from the  ‘Sounds of Space’ show of November 2018, will be part of a larger film installation exhibited at the Venice Biennale (8thMay – 4thJune 2019), at the ‘Alive in the Universe’ exhibition.

Music composition by Kim Cunio, Data sounds collected and curated by Nigel Meredith, video editing and conceptual framework by Diana Scarborough. Antarctic Ice is a taster of a journey from a past climate to beyond the galaxy. 

Kim Cunio – composer, musician, Head of Music at the Australian National University, Canberra.

Nigel Meredith – Space Weather Scientist with British Antarctic Survey

Antarctic Ice


My exhibition ‘From A to B’ – a retrospective of prints, paintings, drawings and collaborations opened Saturday 21 April at The Yarrow Gallery, Oundle. PE84JA. Works are for sale.
At the exhibition


This is a selected archive of space ‘sounds’ for an art-science collaboration involving Dr Nigel Meredith at the British Antarctic Survey and artist-engineer Diana Scarborough. The ‘sounds’ have been incorporated into an abstracted time-lapse video of the aurora taken at Halley.

Original video footage: Halley Aurora Timelapse by (copyright) Sam Burrell

A Journey into Velvet

A collaboration with Dr Ana Cabrera (Textile Archaeologist) June 2017. A video installation celebrating a collaboration with textile archaeologist Dr Ana Cabrera and artist-engineer Diana Scarborough. It is inspired by Ana’s research project ‘Interwoven’ based at the V&A Museum, London and plays with the concept of forensic investigation, creativity and cross-disciplinarity of art-science thinking by both practitioners. An interplay of visual and sound sources amplify this thinking and intense colours play homage to the luxurious nature of velvet, it’s materiality, alchemy, history and technology.

 Breaking Boundaries -Live Installation

UK artists Melissa Pierce-Murray and Diana Scarborough, in collaboration with the Basque dance company Dantzaz, develop a multidisciplinary performance for the DIPC Passion for Knowledge science festival in San Sebastian, Spain.

Breaking Boundaries- Rehearsal

 Breaking Boundaries, a live art installation combining sculpture, dance, projection and sound, marks the inauguration of the Passion for Knowledge 2016 science festival organised by Donostia International Physics Centre(DIPC). By working with local dancers, taking concepts from science and sourcing sounds of the city, the artists have created a work which resonates with authenticity and creative interaction; an integral part of the San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture 2016 program.

Twinsed: A Postcard Project

Diana Scarborough works with Dutch artist, Ilse van den Berk on an ongoing  postcard project (Twinsed)  where both artists work on each others work choosing whether to align or obliterate the intentions of the other artist. This is an ongoing collaboration which began in May 2013.  Over 500 cards have been produced so far.