Diana Scarborough signing the red list  Ackroyd and Harvey exhibition, Cambridge 2016

Diana Scarborough signing the red list Ackroyd and Harvey exhibition, Cambridge 2016


I work cross-discipline, creatively and collaboratively, taking inspiration from scientific practice that embraces concepts of data, code, mutable materials, rekindled history, technology and environmental concerns and rephrases them from an art perspective. Projection, sound, video installation, light, sensors, circuit design or sculpture is my current media of choice often working with scientists, dancers, musicians, sculptors, performers and community groups to make the work increasingly tangible, surprising, relevant and inclusive.


Diana Scarborough is an artist-engineer whose collaborative practice is inherently cross discipline with a technology and contextual bias. She takes her inspiration from research and science working with world leading researchers and scientists in the fields of astrobiology, nano- biotechnology, nano-microscopy, space weather data and sea ice core data. Scarborough’s interest lies in revealing the beauty, playfulness, emotion and  meaning in the science and make it present as art using film, sound, live performance projection combined with traditional fine art practices. She works with overlays of codes and text playing with the boundaries of perception looking at the point where pattern becomes transcoded. She was commissioned to create a DNA necklace (using real DNA) last year for a US client which held technical and artistic challenges and she has worked with hi-tech company (Ubisense) to create an interactive sound and print installation using 3D mapping. She is part of Pivotal, a Cambridge based group who create art events combining the arts with top thinkers on environmental and social change.

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Recent work includes:-sound-video installation, ‘Water’ for  the Technical Museum, Zagreb (2016), a ‘live’ art-science installation opening the Passion for Knowledge Festival, San Sebastian (‘Breaking Boundaries’, 2016) with Melissa Pierce Murray and continues her collaboration with British Antarctic Survey, (BAS) looking at data related to environmental issues and climate change. She is one of the artists involved in the Big Draw project called ‘Transformation Animation’.

Diana Scarborough lives in Cambridge, UK and has worked internationally as an artist and engineer. She teaches Fine Art and Digital Fine Art (animation, filmaking, photography) and STEM subjects at secondary school and 6th form college on a part-time basis. She offers bespoke art tutoring from her studio and has run successful outreach projects, CPD and adult education classes.

Diana Scarborough is a Chartered Engineer with a BSc Electronic Engineering (York), BA Fine Art (Royal Academy of Art, Holland) and MA Printmaking (Cambridge School of Art)

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