Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist


Oct, 2013, Cambridge

The premiere of ‘Typographia’, an art installation with projection and performance took place on the 31st October, 2013 at the Festival of Ideas in Cambridge, U.K.

Dancers whose choreography and movements respond to the workings of a Monotype Print machine bring emotional and dynamism to a machine designed in the 1900’s that became extinct in 1970’s. It is a technology story of the beauty, power and loss of an analogue- mechanical past and a celebration of industrial creativity. It was the internet revolution of its day.

Dancers created the 3 part choreography inspired by the steam and code-driven technology and the bring emotional and dynamism to the work creating a machine through movement. Diana Scarborough created the animations, coded slides and the soundtrack.

Part 1 Sound: Dr Christopher Dexter-Mills composed a new work heard in the first part of the recording. Originally designed for a live performance by the Edmund Quintet, one of the musicians were unavailable on the night so we used the pre-recordered version. If you listen carefully you should hear the ‘devils chord’ .

COLLABORATORS:Becky Byers, Kristina Hay and Andrzej Kamienski (dancers from London Studio Centre) , Dr Christopher Mills (composer)

LINKS:Soundtrack and Digital Animation

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