Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist



Feb 2017, Cambridge & June 2017, London

Journey into Velvet – a fragmented looped video installation emerging from conversations and collaboration with textile archaeologist Dr Ana Cabrera and Diana Scarborough. This artwork, inspired by Ana’s research project ‘Interwoven’ based at the V&A Museum, London, plays with the concept of forensic investigation, creativity and cross-disciplinarity of art-science thinking by both practitioners. 

An interplay of visual and sound sources amplify this thinking and intense colours play homage to the luxurious nature of velvet, its materiality, alchemy, history and technology. Fragments of conversation by Ana are placed against  archival analogue film footage (Prelinger Archives copyright free). Images of velvets are animated to a sound track of ‘world music, hinting of the trade routes and mysteries of one of the earliest industries.

It was exhibited in London and Cambridge together with prints  and our artist talk organised by Society of Spanish Researchers, UK (SRUK)

 Sources:Audio and Velvet Images -Dr Ana Cabrera   Music (Creative Commons License) Archives – Journey Into Light- 29th June 1944

COLLABORATION: Dr Ana Cabrera, Diana Scarborough

Journey into velvet light traces image
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