Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist


Dec 2021, Sheffield

Prologue-Epilogue green background image with daisies
Prologue-Epilogue image with green background and daisy flowers


‘Prologue-Epilogue’ by Carolyn Waudby and Diana Scarborough is a film-poem collaboration project.Premiered on 8th Dec, 2021 at the Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, as a public event, they also shared their processes, practices and themes with an audience in an artist talk and Q&A.

From the audience:  ‘It also comes across as surreal in the best sense and mode, not in the Dali exhibitionist and performance form, but (keeping in Hispanic mood) in the way that Lorca and Octavio Paz, at their best, use metaphor’ – David Duncombe poet

Animation, words, film, sound and music creates an experience – a global conversation that relies on the written word rather than the spoken, and a nudge towards addressing the impact of globe warming. Similar words and footage exist in both the parts, yet the power of visuals and sound create alternative stories.. or do they?

Sharing common themes of time, place and ecology with a mutual passion towards the surreal, the abstract and the power of juxtaposition, poet-journalist Carolyn Waudby and Diana Scarborough, multimedia artist will continue to exploring the cross-discipline possibilities of co-creation.

COLLABORATORS: Carolyn Waudby, Kim Cunio (music)

FUNDING: Sheffield Hallam University (in kind)

NEWS: ‘Making creative collaboration work during the pandemic’: Link


During the event. Top: Carolyn Waudby, Bottom: Diana Scarborough. Photo credit: Angela Robson

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