Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist

SOOTHE – 24 Mar 2024

Soothe: Dance Theatre & Brain Chemistry – A Cambridge Festival Event

Created by Infusion Physical Theatre for the Cambridge Festival 2024, their multimedia and performative approach was inspired by the 3 systems model of brain regulation – visceral biochemistry as acrobatic dance!  I collaborated with them to create the video backdrop which included  the molecules of adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin and science footage of synapses firing. The Q&A was led by scientists Prof. Ljiljana Fruk & Prof. David Belin and art director Dan Cossette. 

The performances took place on 4:30pm-5:45pm and
7:30pm-8:45pm on Sunday 24 March att West Road Concert Hall, 11 West Road, CB3 9DP, Cambridge.


Infusion Physical Theatre

Fruk Lab (Dr Ljiljana Fruk)

Prof. David Belin

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