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Twinsed; an art project where one artist completes a work on paper started by another artist. In the process of creating a series of postcard sized artworks questionof ownership, boundaries and themes will arise. This is an international collaboration between two artists, Ilse van den Berk (Delft, Netherlands) and Diana Scarborough (Cambridge, UK) who studied together at the Koninglijk Academie de Beeldende Kunst in Den Haag (KABK) graduating in 2006. Both artists have a technical background and share common interests in working with or within in 3D space.


For this project, every artwork has been created by both artists using a wide range of media. On the15th day of each month, they send out five half-finished postcards and five ‘completed’ postcard works to each other. It is set up as a collaboration process with minimal constraints. Each artist can choose whether to align, obliterate or superimpose their own visual and/or conceptual aesthetic onto the work of another. They can work in their own way but by the nature of this collaboration it does question boundaries and visual ownership. Both artists have agreed that for Twinsed, this method of working is more important to them than the outcomes.

The art exchange which began in 2013 continues. For Diana Scarborough and Ilse van den Berk it will be important to view the entire series for evaluation purposes. Will common techniques, palette or themes emerge? Will the artworks be perceived as two layered works or will a singular ‘signature’ art style emerge? What boundaries were crossed by either artist and was it successful? Dieter Roth transformed ‘purchased’ postcards through various interventions: overprinting, submerging or almost completely erasing the original image and possibly one or both artists could take it to that extreme?
twinsed 1twinsed 4
twinsed 3
twinsed 2
For more information click on the links below.
Link for the collaboration project  http://twinsed.com/about_project.php
Here is the link for the artist Ilse van den Berk  http://www.ilsevandenberk.nl

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