Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist



May 2013 to Dec 2019, Cambridge, Delft

‘Twinsed’ is an artist collaboration between Ilse van den Berk (Delft, Netherlands) and Diana Scarborough (Cambridge, UK), where one artist completes a work on paper started by another artist.

In the process of creating  postcard-sized artworks, questions of ownership, boundaries and themes arise. On the 15th day of each month, they send out five half-finished postcards and five ‘completed’ postcards to each other. Each artist then chooses whether to align, obliterate or superimpose their own visual or conceptual aesthetic onto the work of the other.

They studied together at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and both have a technical background.  Over 1000 artworks were created together, as a fusion of their own characteristic style, media or palette. Can you tell who started or who finished each postcard? … and does that matter?

2013 - Twinsed

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2016 - Twinsed

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2019 - TwinSed

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