Diana Scarborough

Diana Scarborough

Multimedia Artist

Luminous Jelly. NATURE CAREERS PODCAST – 24 Nov 2023

The “Luminous Jelly” brought to life using ChatGPT and sounds from space

I was interviewed by the Nature journal , a world leading science publication for their artist scientist podcasts series. Engineer-turned-artist Diana Scarborough and inorganic chemist Anna Melekhova describe how their art–science collaboration gave voice and form to a new material.


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 GUI/GOOEY is an international online exhibition that explores digital and technological representations of the biological world. In the fourth episode of this six-part Working Scientist podcast series about art and science, Julie Gould talks to some of the artists and scientists whose collaborations created exhibits for the event, which ran from March to June 2023. Its curator Laura Splan, an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York, says GUI/GOOEY reconsidered how technology affects our understanding of nature and our constructions of nature. She is joined by Diana Scarborough, artist-in-residence in bio nanotechnologist Ljiljana Fruk’s lab at the University of Cambridge, UK. Scarborough describes a project involving Anna Melekhova, an inorganic chemist based in Fruk’s lab, which was influenced by an ancient method used in Mayan art to stabilize pigments using clay. Scarborough says the film she produced to communicate Melekhova’s science depicted a “luminous jelly,” including soundtracks from space, and a conversation generated by ChatGPT to symbolize the new material coming to life. “I was fascinated by the movement of this nonliving material. It looked really as though it was a living organism. I could very easily imagine alien species looking like this,” says Fruk, who also talks about how she and Scarborough first started working together. Will Etheridge, a PhD student in Fruk’s lab, also attended the first screening. “It just represented this kind of embryonic substance that was just coming into being and questioning its own existence,” he says.

The music is from Sounds of Space Project

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